(Baile Herculane, Romania,14 – 22 March 2016).


YMC is looking for 4 participants (Age limit: 18 - 25 yo.) + 1 group leader (No age limit).

The aim of the project is to ensure / increase the skills of public speaking and leadership of youngsters, developed within the framework of Erasmus+ Program. Leadership, communication and public speaking skills are essential aspects of business and personal progress.

The program aim is to improve public speaking, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Furthermore, it is very important to raise the general awareness of people about those skills, in order to realize the importance of being a good public speaker and why a leader should be credible.

This mobility project will give opportunity to young people and to this involved in the youth field to develop new skills and competences. They will gain awareness and coach themselves for public speaking and leadership, understand and address audience needs and expectations surprises, learn how to use their natural talent, how to plan and write a speech, face their fears, challenge their weaknesses, improve their creativity, learn how to improvise, keep the audience attention with inspiring messages and learn how to say memorable and motivational outcomes. They will be given the opportunity to learn how to make their voices heard in any circumstances, something that represents a necessity for striving in nowadays society.

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