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23-hours-trip here :)) and finally home! Thank you guys for the beautiful thoughts from my envelope and thank you for the amazing memories! You are such wonderful and talented people. I will never forget you DUDZ! Let's stay in touch and let's meet again someday! From Deea with love  

Hello, guuuys!  After a looong, looooong trip (19 hours) I finally arrived hoome..Thank you for all, for your wonderful words and thoughts, you gave me the chance to experience some of the most exciting moments of my life and I'm very honoured that I've met you. I can't wait to see you again and don't forget that in Romania you'll always have a friend! >:D<

At the first evaluation I said that I 'm waiting from this project Love. But I could not have imagined that Love can come in a such quantity! Thank you!

Just arrived home and even if i'm tired i opened my envelope and i've read All the mexages, ticket by ticket, one by one... I don't know what to say, you're the most amazing, incredible, talented, funny, kind, friendly, true and engaging people i've ever known. You're mexages were the best lullaby never heard since I can remember... I'll save it in my mind, in my heart and on my wall  thank you DUDZ, i love you all. See you soon 

E alla fine ti ricordi che esiste altro per fortuna.. Esiste un altro punto di vista,un altro mondo! Un mondo pienissimo di tante cose nuove, diverse, sane e belle! Esci fuori da un paesino di animelle interessate solo alla tua vita perché la loro è vuota e noiosa.. E scopri che la gente viaggia, vive, ama! E ti porti a casa il più bel souvenir della vita!

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