ACT: Active Contribution of Theatre

The program "Active Contribution of Theater" (ACT) is an exchange of 20 young people between the ages of 18 to 30 years from Poland and Greece, which took place in New Epidaurus and Athens.
The program lasted for 11 days, from 20 June to 1 July 2013. The exchange was organized by the newly formed Greek organization, "Youth Mobility Center", in cooperation with the Polish organization, “Socio-cultural Education Association Theater Brama”, who have extensive experience in organizing similar programs.


The main purpose of the exchange, beyond a desire to develop
a unique intercultural project, was to share our common experiences and to understand our varying differences, using theater as a tool for expression. More specifically, our goal was to reflect on the role theater can play as a tool of non-formal education, local empowerment and to activate the participation of young people in the local community. Our aim was to promote theatrical experience beyond a means of artistic expression as an opportunity to gain knowledge, reinforce intercultural communication and engage dialogue, but also as a tool to promote creativity, civic participation and conflict resolution among others.


During the daily activities, the working methods that were
used focused mainly on those of non-formal and informal education, organizing theater workshops, educational games, song and dance sessions and musical, theatrical and verbal improvisations that took place in different indoor and outdoor settings. During activities daily evaluation sessions took place primarily in the form of games within the frame of the initial, midterm and final project evaluation. The activities included also elements of volunteer community service which put participants in contact with the local community and its representatives.


The ultimate objective of the activities was directing and
producing a theatrical performance in the auditorium of New  Epidaurus (Epidavros) and in the park of the Academy of Plato in Athens. These are places with a long standing tradition of theater and cultural life and participants had the opportunity to visit the ancient theater of Epidaurus and local antiquities and to attend a professional performance within the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.


Apart from the performance, we ensured the promotion of "Youth in Action" mobility programs through representation in local media as well as in the creation of a small
documentary composed of material that was collected during the project, including parts of the performances and interviews with participants and members of the local community.

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