Our Team


George Kyroglou

Legal Representative

Trainer, Project Writer


George, aka Kyros, has been working and travelling with Youth in Action programmes for quite a while. Still trying to decipher the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything..


Tel: +30 6976220668

Email: YMCgreece@gmail.com 




Aleksandros Sakellariou

E-support / Multimedia Magician


Aleksandros, aka Cool Alex, has been our Multimedia and Internet helping hand even before the inception of YMC. Still trying to play it cool...


Email: YMCgreece@gmail.com

Glenda Calvani

EVS Volunteer, Italian teacher


Brave explorer and intrepid volunteer. 

She fought against african lions and winner is back in her Italy.

Now she left her home to reach the greek coast, but being nostalgic, she wants to teach Italian in Epidravros.


Tel: +30 6946653398

Email: glenda.cal@gmail.com

Riccardo Paltenghi

EVS Volunteer, Pedagogue

Italian guy, he studied fine arts. He arrived in Greece to share his knowledge of playing drama and capoeira with kids and their parents. And, as a real Italian, he can cook perfectly well.

Tel: +30 6946653396

Email: riccardopaltenghi@gmail.com

Youth Mobility Center


45 Georgiou Papandreou,

Zografou, 157 73

Athens, GR. 



Tel.  +30 6976220668