Who we are:

Picture by: Kostis Hatzidakis
Picture by: Kostis Hatzidakis

Who we are:As per the conclusions of the Representatives of the Governments of the EU Member States, meeting within the Council on 21 November 2008 on Youth Mobility, “The mobility of young people is essential in promoting a sense of belonging to Europe, enhancing social and occupational integration, and ensuring a competitive European economy. However, the mobility of young people not widespread, regardless of the success of the Erasmus program”.“Youth Mobility Center” was therefore established with the general aim of bridging this gap, disseminating information and providing counseling on opportunities regarding Youth Mobility, not only on the European, but also on the International level through several relevant programs, partnerships and initiatives as explained hitherto.“Youth Mobility Center” was founded in August 2012, as a result of the prolonged experience of its members in Youth Mobility Schemes on the European and International level. “Youth Mobility Center” has been registered at the Agia Paraskevi Tax Office as a Non-Profit, Non Governmental Organisation (NGO).


According to its statute, “Youth Mobility Center's” mission is to:

  • Provide further opportunities for cross-border mobility within education, training and volunteering,thereby transforming mobility into a widespread phenomenon;
  • Take steps to attain the objectives of the current European Union (EU) programs for education,youth, culture, citizenship and research;
  • Facilitate the participation of all young people in mobility schemes and enhance the mobility of all educational staff;
  • Create partnerships and take action at several levels and with various international stakeholders to increase opportunities for mobility on behalf of young people.

Our aims and goals: Our goal is to give the opportunity to as many young people as possible to be mobile, to study, work and volunteer abroad. We believe that through mobility young people may enhance their personal development and increase their future employment by developing soft skills that may be proven invaluable in the labor market.Our aim for the future is the creation of open spaces for young people where they will put in practice their creativity and their ideas for a better future. We sincerely hope that our operation as “Youth Mobility Center” will be proven to have a multiplying effects on the local community in the near future.


Our incentives: Our incentive is our firm belief that participation in Mobility Programs - be it through actions specifically targeted against Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance or within numerous programs dealing with poverty and social exclusion, with minorities and children rights, just to name a few areas of interest - Youth Mobility Center will be able to develop mobility opportunities favor of children and young people. This way it will promote the understanding of the political and social framework of the EU, and eventually the creation of the so-called European Identity and Active Citizenship. These elements may directly affect positively the heart of the problem – namely,the increasing unemployment of young people and the lack of appropriate training and preparation for life.


Our principles: Our work is in accordance with the principles of the “European Commission whitepaper of 21 November 2001 – A new impetus for European youth”, promoting youth participation,European citizenship, creativity, international mobility as a means of personal growth,multiculturalism, youth information, culture, projecting, non formal education, youth dialogue,volunteerism, and environmental sustainability as a way of life.


Our tools: We are acting as a coordinating, sending and hosting organization for young volunteers who want to deliver a social project in another European country. We will be providing guidance and

assistance from the initial phase -that is to find an appropriate project for them- until the final stage, i.e. the spillover effect of using the experience they gained back in their local society. Youth Mobility Center's activities are centered around the tools of non-formal and informal learning in a European dimension. Non-formal learning refers to the learning which takes place outside formal educational curriculum. Informal learning refers to the learning in daily life activities, in work, family, leisure, etc. It is mainly learning by doing. Non-formal and informal learning enables young people to acquire  essential  competences  and contributes  to their  personal development, social inclusion and active citizenship, thereby improving their employment prospects. Non-formal and informal learning activities are complementary to the formal education and training system. They have a participation and learner-centered approach, are carried out on a voluntary basis and are therefore closely linked to young people's needs, aspirations and interests.

In this context, the main programs we will be working with are:

-Youth in Action, concerning non-formal education and volunteering.

-Leonardo Da Vinci, concerning vocational training.

-Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, regarding small or medium sized enterprises.

Youth Mobility Center


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