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Arts for Conflict Resolution (3-10 June 2016) Epidavros, Greece with the support of the European Youth Foundation

Arts for Conflict Resolution:Coming soon at N. Epidavros Auditorium (10/06/2016) Riccardo Paltenghi Erasmus Calabro Glenda Calvani Ghita Petrus Montserrat Grau Ferrer Elena Bonanini

Posted by Youth Mobility Center on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The principal aim thus Arts for Conflict Resolution is to provide the skills for individuals and community to respond to conflict using the Theater of the Oppressed, TO, in the frame of Non-formal education. The activity provide the skills for the twenty young people and the stakeholders of Nea Epidavros to respond to conflict using the TO and train eight participants on tools of non-formal informal-learning-TO methodologies to respond to conflict. To support the intervention we avail ourselves with the collaboration of others European experts on the subject. In the second month we realize five interrelated and gradually evolving workshops on TO and a final pilot activity that take place in the Main Square Auditorium of Nea Epidavros.                                                        Soon the open call for the participants                                                         

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS!!! Deadline 5/05/2016                                                                               

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